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Journal Remedies

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Five Thursday Evenings Beginning February 21, 2013
6:30 - 8:15 p.m.    $20 per session 
Dates: February 21, 28, March 7, 14, 21

At Deborah's Palm | 555 Lytton Avenue | Palo Alto, CA

Writing in a journal is good medicine
for the soul!

Please come join us for this new  Journal Workshop drop-in class series: 

Come to one class – or all five.

Grab your journal and pen, come over to Deborah's Palm around 6:15, pick a comfy seat in the reading room, pour a cup of tea, and take a deep breath!  Ahhhh!.... Slow down, settle in, and finally give yourself the luxury of some much-deserved "ME time!"

During the next five weeks, our group will focus on journaling "remedies"--
 personal writing techniques that can:

·     shift your perspective,

·     improve your mood,

·     sort out a confusing relationship,

·     bust through creative blocks,

·     help you make decisions or otherwise offer a cure to what ails you!

Come with a topic that you'd like to explore - any aspect of your life, work, spirit or psyche that could use some attention - or simply come and be surprised by what bubbles up! If some aspect of your life is really testing your limits, or if you simply want to get more creative in your journal, the wonderful journaling remedies you learn will open you up to new possibilities and ideas!

The spirit of The Journal Workshop is to create a relaxing and inspiring space where you are encouraged to experiment, explore, reflect on your life, give voice to your own truths in your journal, and to connect with kindred spirits!

More Info/Register by calling (650) 641-0040 or email me 

You can also join & register at the Journal Workshop Meetup

Single Session ($20)
Purchase All 5 Classes ($100)