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Inner Journeys : In-Depth Exploration of the Art of Personal Journaling

      • How can you use a journal to enhance your life?
      • How do you get past blocks and begin a consistent journaling practice?
      • How do you honor both the challenging times in life and the joys?
      • How can you write your way to greater self-understanding and creativity?

Inner Journeys is designed especially for women who want to start a journal practice or deepen and transform their personal writing.  Through a series of carefully-crafted prompts, exercises, imagery and other techniques, you will learn how to transform your journal writing into a rewarding practice for growth, creativity, mindful awareness and personal fulfillment. You will fill your journaling toolbox with dozens of inspiring and practical ways to express your deepest thoughts and feelings.

Some of the topics covered include:

1. The 5 basic techniques of journal-writing

2. Choosing the right journaling tools for you.

3. How to move beyond “venting” to create a journal you love

4. How to start when you don’t know what you want to say

5. Discovering your journal “voice”

6. Finding your own sources of inspiration and meaning

7. Using personal images to enhance your writing