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Embrace Your Inner Critic!

 New Class Will Be Scheduled in 2014

Class fee:  $45
At Deborah's Palm | 555 Lytton Avenue | Palo Alto, CA

If you’re like most of us, you have a nagging inner voice that can stop you in your tracks when you want  to express yourself.  It shows up whenever you
venture outside your comfort zone.  Its voice can be very subtle, and so familiar you don’t even realize it’s there.  In this transformative half-day workshop we will use journaling and other forms of creative expression to meet the Inner Critic, embrace it and disarm it!

The spirit of The Journal Workshop Journal Circles is to create a relaxing and inspiring space where you are encouraged to experiment, explore, reflect on your life, give voice to your own truths in your journal, and to connect with kindred spirits!
No previous writing experience is required. Bring your favorite journal or notebook, pen, and a willingness to go on an Inner Journey.

More Info/Register by calling (650) 641-0040 or email me 
You can also join & register at the Journal Workshop Meetup