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A Tender Time

A Tender Time

 caring for yourself while caring for your elderly parents

A  Half-Day Workshop for Adult Daughters

Navigate the emotional challenges of tending to  your aging parents with grace and mindfulness

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Saturday, March 23, 2013    10:00 am - 1:00 pm

 At Deborah's Palm | 555 Lytton Avenue | Palo Alto, CA

Do you find yourself in the difficult role of  caregiver for one or both of your aging parents?
Are you struggling with a tangle of  conflicting emotions — love and anger,
guilt and grief — as you try to tend to their increasing needs?

Through guided discussion and reflective writing, this class will offer you an opportunity to explore and express your experience with others who are also traversing this complex life transition.  We will address participants’ unique struggles, such as:

· Making impossible decisions about health care and living arrangements;

· Unfinished emotional business, and making peace with our parent;

· Keeping our hearts open as we deal with resistance and declining mental capacities;

· The guilt and confusion over having to take the directive role;

· Fear of the impending loss;

· What will we remember? Will it be the difficulty of the end or something better from before? 

· And more..

We hope you will leave with new insight, ideas, support and encouragement to go forward in this inevitable and poignant life transition. 

 Co-facilitated by Ann Hawkins, MA & Catherine Rodriguez, MA

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